Thursday, 10 February 2011

The second picture shows the top that I wore today. On sunday, V asked me to come over and to look through all the shirts her mum sorted out some days ago and we could take anything we wanted to. Apart from this cute top, I also brought home four other shirts, for example the one wore with the shorts on tuesday!

Oh and btw: my maths test was pretty okay after all!I already compared a few results with my friends and got mostly the same ones, so..

Tomorrow I'm planning to buy another pair of these gorgeous jeggings, exciteed, haha! I'm off to bed now, the laptop is being incredibly slow which is literally driving me crazy, aahhh! i'mnottuiredthioh (this is supposed to mean "i'm not tired though", but it's so slow that it's messing up the letters! argh, GN xo

PS: I saw that some people are posting their reports, do you want me to post mine too?


  1. I think its so weird that people are posting their reports online. :S

  2. Lovely blog and post, dear :)
    You are welcome to step by my blog<3


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