PHOTOBOMB, 21/22|02|1

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

I decided to first show you the pictures I took with my camera and then later post pictures from our shoots! So here we go:
 We are such G's, we bought Champagne for 5€, haha!
 First part of our dinner..

 Second part of our dinner: @Vapiano, the best Caesar salad EVER!! +deliiiicious white tea drink
 sneak peek!
 The hottest heels ever! (the pics don't do them a n y  justice!!)
 Lunch @Coffee fellows!
 Gonna show you what I bought later. Only two words: It's awesome.
 Our bible.
 I had a salmonbagle and a winter macchiato... ♥

I had an absolutely amazing time, had so much fun and ate suuch delicious food, it's unblievable! We today decided not to go to London in Summer but to Cambridge, we'll go live in a family and go to school there - and the best of all: we found out that there's Starbucks and TOPSHOP in Cambridge!!!!!!


  1. hahaha :D get su gaillllll:)

  2. All of this food looks so yum, sounds like you had a good time :)


  3. But wait, isn't there top shop in London and starbucks too (i think) ?


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