Oh, I got tagged!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Since I got tagged from Steffi, I now need to write 14 things down that I need to do the next few days. So here we go:

#1 I finally need to buy featherearrings! Saw cute ones at H&M, might buy them tomorrow.
#2 I need to meet up with Kaori since I won the facial products at her giveaway!
#3 I need to polish my nails - I can never decide which colour!
#4 I need to buy a pair of those perfect Jeggings in black.. as soon as I have some money, haha.
#5 I need to find a nice, not too expensive wallet!
#6 I have to study biology - test on wednesday, ugh
#7 I have to party.
#8 I need to fix dates and everything so that I'm sure I can work in Summer before going to England!
#9 I need to save money!!
#10 I want to make a giveaway as soon as I reach 200 followers but I don't know what to give away..
#11 I need to download new music, leave suggestions here.
#12 Omg I totally forgot about our physics homework..
#13 I need to watch the new episode of PLL and GG!
#14 I need to find a last thing that I need to do but I simply can't work something out, nevermind.

Don't feel like tagging anyone, if you want to do this too, just do it, haha!


  1. where are you gonna work?

  2. tolle bilder ;) Hab die Lederjacke auch :)


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