no, i didn't get cold.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

 Had the most chilled tuesday ever : lesson, lesson, free, lesson, lesson, free, free, free, lesson, lesson. I understood maths and chemistry, (a tiny bit at least) felt like the attraction of the school because I was dressed so "light", had to reply to a thousand people that no, I'm not cold and that yes, I am wearing tights. Voila, this should resume my tuesday.


  1. i like the outfit especially because it has shorts

  2. you have so a good figure (: and this beautiful long legs :D do you do some special sports?


  3. nice!u are cute!thank you for the comment on my blog!!of course i'll follow u!hope u follow back!big kiss!!

  4. Respect for your outfit!
    What kind of tights are you wearing?
    I see nothing?!


  5. hah well if you found it cold outside you wouldn't be wearing shorts. silly peoples. but i myself still find it too cold for that, wrapping up and being cosy is just so easy to fall for :p

  6. @Andrea: i'm wearing those kind of transparent tights, which are like light brown, you know?:p


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