Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Leather jacket - ZARA, 50€ ; Make-up - MaxFactor, 10€.
I've been wanting a leather jacket for aages but couldn't seem to find a nice one which doesn't look too tough on me. When I was in Trier today with Jil, we fell over this beauty and it was love - immediately! I can't wait to wear it tomorrow, aftertomorrow and on friday..! And the make-up is a reeaally nice one which practically stays on nearly the whole day and wasn't too expensive!

I'm preparing a post for tomorrow morning now and then I'll be off to bed, good night xo


  1. ich suche auch schon lange eine schöne lederjacke und hab auch nirgendswo eine passende gefunden
    aber deine ist sehr schön! :)


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