my monday in pictures

Monday, 28 February 2011

1. lovely Sarah brought Bacis from Italy for me, for my birthday, sweet or what? (She knows exactly that I'm crazy about them and, guess what? - I already ate them all) 2+3. Dinner @my mom's office = pizza, coke and sweets, omnom. 4. my outfit - crappiest picture ever, don't feel like apologizing haha. 5. yeah well. me + boredom in class + a pen = real cool art. It's supposed to be a small, fat, nerdy fish (YES, I AM weird) and my name.. in a cool way of writing. 6. Met up with Kaori today since I won the facial products from her giveaway! Can't wait to try the things out because apparently my skin thinks it's hilarious to come up with three spots at the same time, ha ha.

PS: I feel like getting tired of the writing.. maybe gonna change it.
PPS: Step by my formspring, here, thank you xo
PPS: I LOVED Virgin Suicides! buy it, download it, do whatever you need to and - watch it!


  1. The Virgin Suicides is my favourite movie! I could watch it over and over and over.


  2. I started reading the book The Virgin Suicides but stopped when school started. now i think i'm going to start it again thanks to you! :) ooh and i'll watch the movie too.


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