Tuesday, 8 February 2011

After school, me and my brother went to my mum's work, got some pizza, drinks and lots of candy, had dinner @ her work and then drove to the Parc Hotel (where the prom was!) since my mum was going to some petition or however it's called. I drank an alcoholfree cocktail because I'm so cool and when looking at the pictures, you can see what I wore. Aaaand that basically is it! More updates to come xo

PS: my iphone cover shows what happens when my friends and I have nothing to do during a freehour and I have too many glittery stickers, hahaha


  1. leuke foto's + mooi vestje en outfit! ♥

  2. oh, i'm sorry, i forgot you are german! it means nice pictures, and i love that jacket and your outfit! ♥

  3. typisch noooooora :)


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