Saturday, 12 February 2011

Saw all these to-die-for pieces on a site (clicke here to get to the website!) which is similar to ebay and I tell ya, if you'd see the prices, you'll faint - of joy! Right now I'm lusting after a new bag for school, an Alexander McQueen skullscarf (can't decide which colour I prefer) and a (fake) LV wallet, especially the light pink/pastel one is adooorable! What do you think of all these lovelies? Hot or not?


  1. no way i've been drooling over that miu miu bag for ageees! i was thinking of asking for it as a birthday or graduation present, it's gorgeous! i love it.

  2. Love ALL of those things! What's the name of the site? I think I have to order a few things ;)


  3. Wow I love every item!
    And especially that scarf -looks great in pretty much every color.

  4. liefern die auch nach luxembourg?

  5. ich glaube, versuch gerade das rauszufinden;)

  6. I really really really wouldn´t oreder stuff there. I did it and paied about 200 euros but never got the stuff. And of ourse those thing are faked. There´s no other way to make such prices...


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