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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

YES, I got my brother to take pictures of my outfit when the sun was still there! It's slowly starting to get dark a liiittle later than usually (let me tell you - these pics where taken at 5, usually at that time it would've already been dark outside), but you can truly feel that we're still stuck in winter. Even if the sun is shining (can't complain!) the temperatures are f r e e z i n g. It's awfully cold and I'm so sad because my mum won't let me wear my oxfords yet:( Ah yeah, by the way, this outfit is from yesterday, I'll post my today's outfit later!

Thanks so much for 180 Followers - WOW! + 500 visits yesterday!! You guys are simply the best


  1. Oh well if you're dropping down from ma6 to ma3 then you'll have no problem at all :) you'll probably find it a breeze! but of course it also depends on what teacher you have and how much you work.

    loving the boots!

  2. I love your blog and the outfit. You are stunning :O Where did you get the scarf?? Following ;)



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