I prefer to say I'm 16 years young that old - sounds so much more positive, no?

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Two random pictures from today. Wasn't really special, we just had an usual familylunch and this time my parents didn't even have the choice to think about if they let me drink champagne or not, the whole table was trying to convince them hahah:D Oh and so many people say I look alike my dad sooo much. Can't see why, is it really true?

PS: I decided to use Blogspot's photo uploader since it's nearly even faster than tinypic and just easier to use!
PPS: The next music post is coming up, stay tuned!

And thank you so much to everyone out there, for the many many sweet birthday wishes!


  1. Alles Gute, bei mir ist es auch bald soweit :)

  2. Happy Birthday :)


  3. This looks delicious! And you do look a little like your dad, I can definitely see the resemblance!



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