Sunday, 13 February 2011

Better pictures of the bag I used yesterday and my nails. The bag's from H&M, my mum bought it for me so that I can use it for the prom, but since I could use my grandma's, this one had to stay home. I didn't know whether I like it or not, and yesterday decided that I do like it! And my nails: Love how they turned out. I think I should totally try this out with different colours some time! Do you like the bag and nails?

I keep on forgetting how beautiful this song is and download and delete it over again a thousand times. ♥


  1. yeah wear the bag to school

  2. it's too small to use it for school:(

  3. why do you always delete it? :p :)

  4. because i listen to it too much, get fed up with it, delete it, hear it somewhere else and need to download it again, and so ooon :p


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