Thursday, 24 February 2011

So since I got feedback that I should do the post about what I want to do in my future, I decided to do it now

I've always loved to draw and I still enjoy it. My favourite things to draw were of course girls with nice clothes on, so I soon decided to either do something with drawing or with fashion. My first thoughts were, and I'm sure I'm not the only girl who had these, to become a designer, for clothes, accessoires, shoes.. the usual stuff! I tried to kind of train myself and tried to invent my own collections, tried to create trends but somehow always ended up drawing outfits with pieces that already existed. That's when I realised that I'm not the kind of person who can simply invent something new. I'm more the kind of person who likes to observe, judge and combine. I love fashion and always did but I prefer combinating different pieces with eachother and seeing other people doing so than having to create my own clothes.
 I then came up with the idea to become an art teacher. I loved art, I loved drawing and everything that had some creative parts in it. I had an absolutely amazing art teacher during one year and was sure that that's what I want to be too. But I quickly got bored of the idea of teaching kids and not being able to do what I want and when I figured out that I needed to be good in maths too (at least for some things which is in touch with art), I immediately decided to look for another option. (hahaha yeah, me and maths.. love you know)
And then, POW! I found something where I can combine everything I love to do in one: being creative, being in touch with fashion and.. writing! I thought about becoming a fashion journalist and I still want to become one, it's like my biggest dream. I figured out that there'd be one more thing that I love about this job: travelling. I fell in love with the idea of me travelling around the world, meeting amazing, new people, writing and taking pictures of good dressed people. But I soon realised that I'm definitely not the only girl with this dream. My parents told me that I'd be really hard to find a good work in this industry and that that world is harsh, with a lot of concurrence.

So now I'm at the point where I know what I really, really want to become but I also have in mind that it's very probably that I won't be able to do that. Or, at least not my whole life or as a full time job. I decided to find something else that I'm interested in, and made the decision to concentrate on what I've always been best at: languages! The language-subjects were always those where I had the best marks in, and it's still the same today. Until today I can fluently speak four languages and I'm starting to manage speaking some spanish, my fifth language, too. I'd love to learn another language such as italian, swedish or danish, as soon as I'd get the opportunity. (Uni, maybe?)

So my plans for now are to get a good/very good BAC, especially in languages and then go to a University where I can study exactly what I want to. I haven't given up on my journalism dream, though! I'm going to use every opportunity that pops up to learn journalism as well. If there are journalism courses at the Uni or something similar, for example, I would directly visit such. I'm often getting good feedback that I have a talent for writing , mostly from language teachers and that pushes me to at least try my chance in this industry! Even if I end up writing for a normal magazine and not for a fashion one, I've already achieved a part of my dreams.

So, what are your dreams about your futures?
Do you like such kinds of posts?


  1. Wow, honestly you actualy do write really well, well I dont know how say this, but it was reaaally interesting to read this :D haha. I think you should definitely try to be a journalist :)

  2. I love this post (: These days I think a lot of my future because I'm going to write my final exam next year and I've also thought about becoming a fashion journalist but my other dream is becoming a good surgeon. So I really don't know what to study.^^

  3. Once you're done with a languages course as an undergraduate you could always go for a post graduate degree in journalism or fashion journalism. as an undergraduate course it's probably really tough to do because media/business/PR are always tough to get into. if you have a degree in languages and one in journalism it'll probably up your chances for a job in the international market :)
    I'm going to study criminology and sociology and some day i want to do research on criminal behaviour and recurring patterns for the UN or research theories on the development of a criminal.
    it was interesting reading the different things you wanted to do and still want to do :)

  4. maybe it is 3. i never have any idea! :p

  5. I always wanted to be a vet when I was little, but then I got a bit older and realised that maths and science should be your best subjects for that... not writing and history! I love writing and I love fashion, so for me too, fashion journalism is my ideal career. I know that working in fashion is going to be something very difficult to get into, so I've made my overall dream to simply writie. I plan on studying creative and professional writing at uni, majoring in fashion, and then hopefully I'll be well equipped for fashion journalism, but also have experience with other types of writing, so I'll still be employable by others. Whew, long comment haha. I love reading and writing about future dreams!


  6. I believe there's something so beautiful about teaching. Spreading your passion about a subject, involving your students into it. I don't know, I've also had times when I thought about working in the fashion industry, but then realised it's too much... how the heck are you supposed to judge all those new things every season? who's right? I think fashion is another form of art, and has very little to do with what we actually wear.
    Maybe you should work on your creativity. The biggest part of creating is watching, being inspired.. Someone once said, "being creative is knowing how to hide your fonts well", but you always add a bit of your thoughts into it of course. That can be useful in any area (writing, drawing..) Good luck! I love this post.


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