Saturday, 5 February 2011

So here's the post with my favourite pieces of clothing at the moment.
(1) pink-ish shirt from ZARA, love it because it's easy to combinate with many other things and because it gives every outfit a little touch of colour! (2) fake fur from Pull & Bear, I love it because it spices every oh-so-simple outfit up a little and is wonderfully warm. (3) grey hoodie, H&M. Do I really need to explain why I like it so much? Thought so! (4) simple black highwaisted skirt with a zipper on the back, New Look. It's really tight, has the perfect lenght and matches everything. (5) my two new pairs of shoes! Both from that small chinese shop @gare. Ballerinas: they're black, they're cute.. you know. Oxfords: as I already explained in one of my older posts - they're easy to be dressed down or up and they're cute because of the lighter colour. (6) my black fake allstars, H&M, they just go with everything and give any outfit a more sporty touch. (7) Dr Denim jeggings and H&M scarf. Jeggings: because they're p e r f e c t. I'm sure you know how it feels to own a perfectly matching pair of trousers/jeans/jeggings, no need to explain, huh? Scarf: it's warm, beautiful, light and goes with everything!
Ofc, I didn't take pictures of my black tights which are always part of my favourite pieces!


  1. The skirt is really nice!
    Like ur blog a lot .

  2. Love your clothes! Your shoes are really cute :)


  3. cool post :) do you mind if i do the same kind of thing some time?

  4. Really cool blog you have here. Cute pics! Btw, I bought the black skirt too not a very long time ago. :)


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