Sunday, 13 February 2011

On the third day..
- we went to a Minimuseum
- I wore my fake fur jacket and my fake fur hat. My dad said it looks like I killed all my stuffed animals, haha!
- I ate a gaufre.. ofc
- we saw baguettes that were nearly as long as my brother is tall
- I saw huge macarons (omnomnom)
- we walked past an awesome candystore but unfortunately didn't have the opportunity to buy anything :@
- I had a look at Bershka but didn't buy anything
- bought a few things from H&M
- had a yummy lunch
- took the train back to Luxembourg
- my brother and I let our fur hats dry and everyone who pas walking past was looking at them as if they'd be dead animals, airdrying, thaha
- I played chess against my brother and was 100% sure to loose (he's in a chess-club, get it? My chances to win = 0)
- GUESS WHO WON THE GAME? Hahaha my brother was being too nice and always gave me tips :p

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