am i a ginger?

Saturday, 19 February 2011

I'm starting to really like my natural haircolour. When I was smaller, I always wanted to have my mum's hair which is very dark brown / black but I'm glad she never allowed me to dye it! I can't wait for it to grow longer so that I can wear this hairstyle in summer, love the hippievibes. I just wish I'd sometimes have a few waves..

Okay, whatever, sorry for the talking about.. hair? I just can't believe I spent my whole saturday in front of the laptop, mostly watching Skins and PLL. Feeling kinda.. limply right now, but not in the tired way. Hmm what else to say? Oh, I can't wait to change the age in my description boxes from my blog and my formspring, I'm officially 16 in exactly.. 19 minutes!


  1. You have really lovely hair, it's so long! And don't wish for waves, they go horribly frizzy in summer, especially when it's humid!



  2. Happy birthday! I love your hair color. I adore the hairstyle :) xx

  3. Happy Birthday :) Love your hair !

  4. Happy bday sweetie! i just wanted to say that i've came to the conclusion that people with wavy hair would kill to have it as straight as yours and people with straight hair would do anything for curls =] anyhow, adorable hairstyle! -D.

  5. Happy Birthday :D♥

  6. All the best for your birthday <3


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