Friday, 7 January 2011

Here finally is the video! Ignore the faces I do sometimes, that's just the way I am, haha. And yeah, I know
that the picture's sometimes stuck for a few seconds and that the whole movement-thingie isn't really fast,
but yeah, I can't change it, right? I'm hoping to get some feedback below this post or here! XOXO


  1. Wow, your voice is so interesting.! Like an adults!
    I love the shirt with birds! :)

  2. It might sound weird,but I like your voice! I thought it'd be more girly,haha.

  3. Thanks for your comment! :)
    You sound so adorable, really! Your voice is so cute :)
    I like everything you purchased. Hope you enjoyed your trip :)

  4. i love the video and the clothes you bought :D make these more often!!

  5. haha, thank you! :) I hate my voice though, it sound really annoying to me, and sometimes I wonder how my friends can stand listening to me :b

  6. so cute voice and i love all the things you bought. :)

  7. cool video and cute voice!
    you should make vlogs more often;D

  8. ech well ALL deng kleeder!:D
    + ech kafen meng boxen och am new look, well ech 30 als lengt brauch;)
    aaaan dposch as MEGA :O
    kussssi xxx

  9. noooora du hast ein vlog gemacht und ich mag ihn :) <3 anna

  10. heey, really nice vlog. :)
    keep it up! .


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