sweet sunday afternoon

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Random picture of my today's lunch - D E L I C I O U S ! Me and my food obsession, tssss.. haha!
Until now I just cleaned my room, showered, got dressed, did maths and ate. Now I have to continue a text for spanish, I have to write at least 40 more words, ugh.
The person with the best idea on how to continue a story where a mysterious man suddenly runs away and takes out his gun gets a link in the next post! (I'm serious, please help)

PS: More posts are to come xo


  1. ma d'geschicht witzeg faerdeg: den mann ass een authist (oder wéi och emmer daat gschriwwen gett^^), d'pistoul ass aus holz an hien wollt sain teddy-bär retten, deen seng mam an d'pubell gehait haat xD

  2. If you still need the story :
    " he pulled out his gun and ran slower , he was runing backwards while pointing it at me / her / him . He was shouting out my / her / his name blablabla , " i know it sound craazzzzyy but still :b good kuck with the spanish :)


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