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Saturday, 29 January 2011

When I read the Mastering your closet chapter in Lauren Conrad's book Style, I immediately felt the need to tidy mine and sort my stuff. I already did this some time ago but never really took pictures of it. It's not perfectly clean and tidied right now, but I always love seeing other bloggers' closets, so I thought I'll might share pics of mine with you!

So, my closet is divided in 3 parts: 2 big parts with two doors (on the left and the right) and a smaller part with only one door inbetween the bigger parts.
In the big part on the left I keep my blouses, pullovers, bigger/looser shirts, dresses, cardigans.. and lower I stock my jeans and some summer shoes. I didn't take pictures of the lower part because it looks kinda messy, hehe. I don't know if you can tell from the pictures, but I ordered my shirts, etc; from the right to the left: dresses, blouses, thick cardigans, light cardigans, shirts, pullovers and my long summerdress. I also sorted the stuff by colours.. a little at least, but you can't clearly see it here. The other picture shows the middle part where I mostly keep thicker cardigans and some jackets and blazers.
This is the big part on the right side. Here I keep t-shirts, tanktops and skirts. It's not really sorted because I often am in a hurry or I'm too lazy to properly take something out of my closet and put it back to the right place. Above my shirts and so on are shorts, scarfs and things like joggingtrousers. Below I keep my underwear, socks, tights and some other scarfs. (This probably is the most chaotic part in my whole wardrobe)
If my shoes aren't standing downstairs, next to the door, then I keep most of them in my big black IKEA shelf. Here you can see some of my shoes which I'm currently stocking in my room: my fake allstars, oxfords, ballerinas, wedge-booties, some very old trainers and two pairs of sandals in the boxes. Most of my ballerinas are put away in another, small box in my other shelf.
On the last "floor" of my big bookshelf I keep all my rings, my sunglasses and perfumes. Longer necklaces are hanging on my blue wall.

I just realised how long this post is, haha! Do you like such posts?
(Excuse the bad lightening/quality of the pictures but I took them this evening and had to take some pictures without and some with flash)

PS: I just realised that I forgot to show you where I keep my bags! I basically keep them in another big box in my smaller shelf, next to my bed.

I just saw that lovely Kristiana presented my blog as one of her Top7 luxemburgish blogs and wanted to say a big, big Thank you! Click here to get to her blog!


  1. Hey, I love your blog it's great! x

  2. I lovee your blog! I'll follow you.

  3. Where did you get your black wegdes? (if you don't mind asking)

  4. i really like this kind of posts! and i have a tip for you: what about a post including your most favourite items at the moment? would be great! XO
    btw did you get your new oxfords in h&m?


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