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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Went to Echternach with my mum and got a few things: transparent socks (for my oxfords) and tights, black opaque tights, cream (for my hands), a very cute pen which writes pink and light blue and (ofc!) Minimarshmallows - oops, already eaten.

I went to the tailor today to try on the basic dress I'll get for the prom in a week. The dress is dark blue and loong and beaautiful :D It's not finished yet but it should be on wednesday!
Do you want me to make a draft of what it'll look like?


  1. yeah, me too! :D

  2. please post a picture of you in your dress. how come you going to prom, this is not america...

  3. i will, as soon as it's finished and i have it:)

    well i participated at a dancecours and at the end of the 11lessons, there always is a prom which is getting organised from the danceschool


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