Monday, 3 January 2011

As you know, I had a day off the computer yesterday - didn't turn it on a single time. This felt actually pretty good, so I decided to draw a little, I haven't done some serious drawing in a while now, there was just a big lack of time. The first and second pictures are my results from yesterday. I gotta admit that they look better in real, though, even if the second's not as good as the first (in my opinion). My goal wasn't to draw exactly the same persons, but to improve on the face's proportions, since I personally think that proportions are the hardest facts when it comes to drawing humans.
The third picture is one of two small, random drawings I made last summer, love the outfits here!

What do you think about them?


  1. these are actually really pretty...have you ever though of drawing classes? or have you ever attended some? :)

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