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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Today's outfit. Or.. not really actually. I originally wore (instead of the leggings) transparent tights and my black high waisted skirt, but I'm so talented that the first thing that happened to me when I arrived at school was, that I ripped my tights.. Congrats, Nora! So I switched my skirt & tights against my gym-leggings. Still.. felt like posting it anyways.
I decided that, as long as the quality of the picture isn't good, because of the light, I'll add some extra effects to the pictures, so that they don't look tooo bad.
I was supposed to finish school at 1, just as every wednesday, but the whole fifth year had meetings with teachers to get more advice about how to choose our subjects for our last two years and blah blah blah. They told us that this meaning should take 3 hours, which means that we'll finally be free around 15:40h, but we already finished at 14:15h, which is pretty cool. I don't know more than I knew before, though and my decisions are still the same buuut whatever.
Afterwards I went to Subway with a bunch of guys and bought Pizza for tonight.

I'm now gonna watch the newest episode of PLL and maybe one or two more episodes of DHW and tonight is the premiere of the third episode from the 7th season of DHW on Pro7, so I'll be busy;)

EDIT: SHIT, I just forgot that I still have a big history homework to do, aaaaaaaaargh.


  1. Hey (: so wei wait bass du mad DH? also du kuks io o na di aal episoden vun DH? ech sin grad bei staffel 4 episode 3, en klengen tipp: op Sixx kennt vun Meindes bis Freides vun 18:40-19:30 DH, do kuken ej och emmer :)

  2. It's actually permanent :b Because they all used to work in Denmak, so they just consider it normal! :)


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