Sunday, 16 January 2011

i need to: take a shower. tidy my room = put my clothes in my closet and not let them lie around on the floor. eat something, i hate it to fall asleep when i'm hungry, awful feeling. start to make more interesting posts, i'm bored of my own blog right now, not good, no, no. buy a new mascara, i got my eye on a clinique one, mmh. wear my cropped tops i bought in brussels. get more followers on my blog and tumblr, #. survive the next semester of this schoolyear, after this one, everything should get better: no more physics and chemistry, maths3 instead of 6, a new spanishteacher.. and i'm 99,99% sure i'll go to LONDON with Jil in summer, for two weeks, awesomeness or WHAT? download new music, lots and lots of new music. please leave suggestions below or here!

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