Saturday, 15 January 2011

 On the first day..
- We first had a three hour long trainride from Arlon to Brussels, which was really relaxed. I basically read, drew, ate and drank and ofc listened to music.
-We arrived at our very beautiful hotel - I shared a room with my brother and the room was so cozy! The Minibar was for free and you could even make tea in the evening:D Our rooms were on the 5th floor and the view was so cool!
- I ate my first Gaufre Sucrée and, holy shit they were so damn tasty! I usually am not a big fan of waffles, but theses really were goood +there were always people in yellow cars selling them, hehe.
- We basically just walked around, including a big Galerie and I bought a few things @ Pull and Bear.
- We had dinner at a libanese restaurant which was soo delicious! And, last but not least, I had an original mint tea, just how they make them in Africa. With real mint and way too much sugar, yum!

Day two and three will be online later!


  1. yeah those waffles are great!!The best waffles ever!


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