Friday, 14 January 2011

 outfit from wednesday
Shame on me for being such a terrible blogger, but I only have the usual excuses: school, home late, friends, life.
My week was pretty okay until now and again, I'm really sorry for the big big lack of posts but I simply didn't have the time to take pictures or blog. I wanted to do a small post yesterday, with two pictures from weheartit but blogger didn't let me upload any pics..

I already got back a few compos and the results are okay/good:
English - 9, Maths - 5 ( this is ofc not good but since I thought I wouldn't even get a 4, I'm still okay with it), Physics - 8 (YES, EIGHT IN PHYSICS! MWHAHA), Geography - 6.5 (okay but I just don't like that subject..), Chemistry - 7 (WHADUPPPP! I thought I'll fail, hah)

I still have to get back biology (uh-oh), german, french and history.

AND: I am going to take care of the pictures from Brussels tomorrow and I hope that I can finally upload them in their propper size! XOXO

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