Friday, 7 January 2011

Two snapshots from the vlog I did - yes, I found a cam and yes, I made the vlog! The video's uploading right now and while that I'll have to clean that huge mess of clothes which is on my bed right now, haha. And I'm in the need of checking if we're having chips in our kitchen 'cause I'm seriously dying, I'm so effin' hungry!!
What a cool, pointless post, ha! Lateroo x


  1. Darf ich deinen Blog vorstellen und dafür Bilder verwenden? <3

  2. oohhh looks good! can't wait :D

  3. Love the blog! Really pretty, gorgeous clothes! Visit our blog some time :)

  4. I exactly saw these white transparent bloise by h&m for 3€(!!!) i thinknthat the buuttons are not gold but the rest looks fukn common ! :D


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