Friday, 31 December 2010

Yesterday in pictures: I had lunch @Quick with my brother (oh the joy!) and found out how amazing those 'Quickly'-machines are, I mean, it's so so cool, they're preparing your order while you're choosing what you want! I could go on and talk about those marvellous machines for hours and hours but.. go try it out if your Quick has that as well, hahaha !
In the afternoon, I went to town to see S and L joined us, so we had coffee and talked the whole time, good times! The rest of the evening was spent with grandma, parents, brother and uncle. I got some new pendants for my bracelet and 50€. + I got 100€ from my godfather on wednesday!!

More updates to comee x

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  1. bleh :D I work in McDonalds :D I hate it :D:D


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