Saturday, 4 December 2010

Oh wow, this week passed by so quickly!
As I already mentioned before - I'm sorry for the lack of posts, but I'm gonna catch up with this with a lot of posts in a row! I have a wednesday, thursday and friday outfitpicture +some others.
These show my outfit from wednesday and a cake my grandma got for me - omg, Christmas soon!


  1. My sleep last night was troubled by a violent storm outside,
    and when i work i still felt dizzy from the lingering effect of wine;
    Anxiously i asked the maid who rolled up the bamboo curtains,
    to my surprise came her reply, "the flowers are all right."
    But that's impossible, and don't you know all would remain a scene,
    of petals fallen and leaves of their company sorrowfully deprived!

    Thanks! are wonderful!

  2. wahhhh this cake looks so delicious:)
    and youre gorgues!!!:)
    i can understand that you have noo time to post during a schoolweek!
    looking forward to your posts!!:)


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