Monday, 27 December 2010

Today in pictures. I got the english Glamour again - finally. Had a Latte Macchiato and Ice Cream and got three new things. The pants and tights are well needed and about the jacket: I wasn't looking for those 'baseball-kind-of-jacket', especially since practically everyone has a simliar one right now, but when I felt over this lovely piece, I couldn't resist. My mum said she'd buy it right away since I'm in the need of a thicker jacket anyways. Well, what can I say? I love it! Ah yeah and it's from ZARA BOYS, hahah.
I just noticed how late it already is, ugh. Because of the *@!!%/)=")*"=? roads, which did NOT get cleaned, my parents won't drive me to Junglinster, which means that I'll have to get up one hour earlier and take the bus from here at 10.05, aaaaargh LUXEMBOURG IS SO SO STUPID AND AARGH *BEEEEP*.
Sorry, had to get rid of this. Good night xx


  1. the jacket looks so goooood! and now I feel like eating ice-cream :)



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