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Friday, 24 December 2010

 I lovelove my wedges and they're so comfortable, but I'm afraid of slipping and falling on the ice even when I'm wearing flat shoes.. arrgh
 I bought this scarf in September and really like it but it's simply not thick enough for minus degrees, shame on that.
 Love both the skirts but they only look good worn with bare legs or kinda invisible tights, which unfortunately is too cold for this weather
 Bought in summer and would love to wear it during winter as well, it's cropped, knitted and in a light colour, perfect to fight against my black and grey obsession in winter. It's too thick to wear it under a cardigan and a coat though..
'Invisible' tights + different patterntights (couldn't find my dotted ones, etc). I love both of them because they're different than always wearing black and grey tights, but way too cold, ofc.
If the weather would be better, I'd wear them everyday, from morning to evening. I love them, they're comfortable and sporty, in contrast to all my boots and ballerinas.

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  1. oh, I had to put aways my wedges too because I was scare of the ice and snow :/ btw your skirts are really nice! :) merry Christmas!


  2. you have lovely boots, I love it... you have also greats style (older photos:)), i´m follower :)

  3. aaaa die Schuhe sind super....
    schoner Blog :)

  4. dass wieklech eng gudd idee daad :) schein chrechtdeeg :)

  5. Oh those wedges, LOVE THEM.


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