Things I wanna achieve/do better in 2011

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

  Try not to fail Chemistry and Physics (let's see if that works, haha)
 Gain weight and grow!
 Buy a webcam.
 Work in Summer, earn my own money.
  Blog more & Get more followers!
 Read more books and less magazines.
Go to an English Camp in England, with a friend.
 Think two or three times before I buy something I might not need.
  Get looong (and healthy!) hair.
  Get good grades in German, French, English and Spanish, the most important subjects for me.
  Buy Burlesque on DVD.
 Meet new people, make new friends.

All pictures are from weheartit!


  1. natierlech nt :)
    :) x

  2. I'll help you to achieve one of your aims for 2011& follow you. :) Your blog's amazing and I'll steal that questionnaire from it! :)


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