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Saturday, 11 December 2010

1+2 are from Thursday, that's what I call whiiiteee Luxembourg!
3 is from yesterday. You can clearly see the differnce of pictures taken outside and taken inside. The quality's pretty shitty, buut whatever. Oh, please ignore the socks, didn't wear them! And the grey hoodie is one of the things I bought this week, gonna make a proper post with everything this afternoon/tonight. I now really need to do more maths, see ya!


  1. du gesais op der eischter foto wonnerschéin aus <3

  2. pretty pretty pretty :)
    wah luxemburg is looking soooo gorgeus with all that white fluffy snooow!
    nice outfit simple but still looking good

  3. du bass mega schein op den eichten zwou fotoen :D
    aan du muss mer dad gescheft do weisen wousd de deng schung kaft hues :D x


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