shopping for labels, shopping for love

Sunday, 19 December 2010

shirt - ZARA, scarf - gift, jeans - Cheap Monday
Totally forgot about these Jeans and my new scarf!
I just quickly wanted to stop by and say hi!
I got a few requests on posting the recipe of the Brownies and I will post it, but not now, in the afternoon maybe!I'm now gonna climb back on my window sill and do some beloved biology (I hope you read the sarcasm in this sentence..)
Latero xx

Oh and Happy Birthday to my cousin who's turning 16 today, jealous much!


  1. shopping for labels, shopping for love, manolo and louis is all i'm thinking of <3
    daat meschtgespillten lid op mengem iphone :D

  2. deng box as chaud :)


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