Plans for Today

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Our garden right now - so beautiful, but oh-so-cold!

Thought I'll tell you a little of what I'll be doing today:

  • finish tidying my room
  • take a shower and get dressed (yeah, I'm always in pyjamas that late on WEs)
  • do my english essay - 4 Paragraphs about an argumentation, for example about the advantages and disadvantages of TV. Not that this would be difficult, but I'm too lazy to think of any arguments, hehe.
  • look through my physics and maths stuff, maybe also through chemistry (which is hopeless, though) and try to start some serious studying - or at least start making summaries. I always make summaries for tests and exams, otherwise I'd forget half of the things to study!
  • familydinner tonight - my aunt turned 40 today and we'll meet all up at a Restaurant to have a cozy dinner, finally gonna see my cousins again!
  • post more - hopefully!

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  1. I'm a late dresser on the weekend too, especially on cold mornings.


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