Saturday, 18 December 2010

 The most annoying dog in the world - Gesimo!
When you pass a year of secondary in Luxembourg, you get 75€ from your commune, $$!
 Spontaneously decided to bake some Brownies again, yum!
Feeding the squirrels from our garden with nuts, gosh they're adoorable!
 The cosiest corner of my room - right next to the heater, mmh
Have I ever mentioned that I find geography amazingly boring? No? Well now you know, yuck.

So all I've basically been doing today was a loot of geography, baking brownies and I'm now chilling eating two of them and watching GG.
I'm really beginning to doubt if we'll ever get to school again this year, I've never seen that much snow in Luxembourg in my entire life! I do want to write at least my last four exams so that I can relax during the holidays.
I'm really looking forward to when I have german, biology and geography behind me. I'll meet Jil afterwards and the last exam I'll have is english, which I don't have to study for.
We planned to go out on wednesday night, maybe go to the cinema in the morning (I finish at 10:20 on wednesday) and I simply really want holidays. I'm stressed out because of studying so much and everything and I feel like being able to sleep for the next two weeks, zzZZ.
Later, maybe xx


  1. What do you mean you get 75 euros from commune?

  2. I usually get 135 ;)
    But 75 is better than nothing! Keep up your awesome blog! :)

  3. Do you really get 75 euro? The cake seems yummy ;)



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