Thursday, 16 December 2010

 Got this book from a friend. It's the french version of FML (Fuck My Life) and reaally funny!
 I've been living in my new babes for the whole week. They're so comfortable and I didn't get wet feet!
 The bag I'm using right now when going to school for my exams. I ordered it from Topshop over a year ago and fall in love with it everytime I use it!
That's what I've been doing the whole day: studying on my windowsill, the warmest place in my whole room!

 Blame the quality on the fact that they all got taken inside, when it was already dark outside.

I'm posting this this late because we won't have school tomorrow!! It snowed soo much (and still is) that they closed the schools.. for the second time in two weeks, woah! Unfortunately I'll have my history- and chemistryexams in January which I'll miss tomorrow, but that's alright since I wasn't satisfied with how much I studied the two subjects anyways!
So expect posts tomorrow, lovelies! xx

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  1. dir hud io mega gleck das keng schoul as:)
    majo bei weeds geht et em weed:P das amfong bessen witzeg :)! <3


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