Saturday, 11 December 2010

Granny's Wallpaper! It's soo cool, isn't it?
Since my spanishteacher was absent yesterday, I finished at 12:15 and had lunch @Quick with Isabel. Thanks to a friend, we saved 6€ by using random coupons. Now we had a mission: try to eat as much as we can..
We didn't eat the third burger, we were literally dying, I tell ya!
 After our last ( :(! ) dancecours yesterday, some friends and I had to wait for our busses so we went through Auchan and bought.. Kid's Champagne! It basically tastes like apple juice but we felt sooo cool walking around with those cool, green bottles with a crocodile on them, haha!

The quality of the last pics isn't really good because I was too hungry to switch on the flash, hahaha.

I decided to start with a Photobomb because I took so many pics these last days. I'm gonna make an outfit post and show you all the stuff I got ! Stay tuned xx


  1. im sooooooooo glad that you started to do a proper post again! :)
    love this photobomb, more kind of this posts please! hehe

  2. this makes me damn hungry!


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