Saturday, 25 December 2010

I ordered these four books this afternoon, they're supposed to arrive in January, looking forward to finally get a few more pages than only magazines between my hands! The first two books are both from an author who's books I really enjoyed. The one on the left is about a girl who wants to become just as beautiful as her older sister and gets anorexic and the one on the right is about a girl who's shoppingaddicted, but like seriously (not like me, ehehe). The other german book is from the same author as from the book Shopping in the City, which I loooved ! It's about a young girl called Imogene who lives her fashiondreams, in the first book in America and now in Paris. And the last book, I'm sure you all heard about. So did I, and only positive things. I felt a need to get my hands on it as well and my mum immediately agreed on this one too since it's english ;)

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  1. Oh lucky! I want to read Lauren Conrad style too! Hope you have a good time reading them.



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