Tuesday, 21 December 2010

1: Got a new carpet, love it, it's soo soft and pretty and.. perfect :)
2: Got this from Jil today ! (It's a candle for the ones who haven't noticed yet) It looks so so cool and smells so nice :D
3: New scarf, from H&M. I loove big, fat, knitted scarfs, mhm.

About my day: Biology was.. okay I think and geo was.. okay as well, haha. We only all got the shock during geography because nearly no one noticed that there were 5 more questions on another page, luckily someone asked the teacher something about one of the other questions! Only english tomorrow, then cinema and lunch with my girls. After that Lisa's coming to my place and we're then going out to party a little - pure awesomeness or what? What else to say? Hmm.. oh yes, Jil and I took pics today but she doesn't have the time to upload them today, I'll post them as soon as she did! Probably tomorrow or.. during the holidays which start tomorrow at 10:20 WOOOOOOP WOOOP!

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