new in - part two

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Size M, from ZARA, 25,95€
Finally found a nice, striped, not black, white or grey sweater! It's M because it only exsist in M and L, but it's not too big so that's okay. I can make a knot in it or wear it in my jeans - or as dress with tights or leggings. The picture doesn't perfectly show the colour of it, it's a little lighter in reality.
Size S, from ZARA, 14,95€
Really satisfied with this jacket - A friend of mine has a really similar one and I lovelove the colour of it but she bought it in America, so my hopes to find a pretty blue jacket sank again. But then - POW I saw this lonely beauty lying on a table, in the middle of another jackets, in all rainbowcolours. Ofc, they didn't have it lying there in S anymore, so I asked someone if they have it in my size but just haven't put it in the shop and - SCORE! 
Finally getting some more colours in my wardrobe again feels really good, haha!

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