the dog days are over

Monday, 20 December 2010

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Hello, hello! I'm sorry that I didn't post much these last days, but we had another day off from school today due the snow, it's a new record for Luxembourg, the snows 40cm or more!
I'm right now trying to do some more biology in case we have school again tomorrow, I have geography and biologyexam.. I don't know if I want the school to be open or not.. well it's not me who's deciding that anyways so we'll just have to wait for what happens, I guess.

I will post the recipe of the brownies - tomorrow! I'm really sorry for my empty promises but I really had/have to catch up studying and didn't have a free second to give you guys the recipe. But I promise that I'll post it tomorrow night!!
I also got a few other ideas of posts, I'll try to do them asap.
I'm now gonna jump under the shower, re-read biology for the 42133044809.time and keep myself up to date about the weather, see you! xx

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  1. I totally know the feeling. In Lithuanian,we call them ''the cat days'',do you call them ''dog days'' in Luxembourgish? x


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