Sunday, 12 December 2010

While looking through all my tumblr updates from sites I follow, I found so much stuff I'd like to have!
I decided to do a little post about the things I want the most.
All pictures are reblogged from different tumblrs! For more informations, check mine out, here.
I really want/need a pretty dress for Christmas or/and New Year's! I've seen a few pretty ones @H&M,
but haven't had the time to take a closer look. I don't want to order one because I wanna make sure it fits.
I want such a room soo badly! All white, with a wooden floor and a wardrobe like the one in the picture!
 I want such a bag! It's perrrrfect. Black, with a long bail (or however this is called), simple but still stylish.
L O V E. If you see a similar one, please let me know!! +It's perfect for long walks though cities or travelling;)

 This shirt is.. perfect. Cropped, khaki-coloured-ish, with big pockets, a little transparent, mmhm!
This watch is soo beautiful and cool at the same time! it's chic because of the golden wristband and cool because of the clock face.

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