Saturday, 25 December 2010

My outfit from today.
 A cool box my dad got.
 A random picture I like from our Christmastree.
 Our Christmaslunch - yum!
Cookie douuugh!
So what did my day look like? I got my presents, spent the rest of the morning (until 15h, *erm*) on the laptop, had lunch with my family which was delicious, just as always and did some last minute baking. I'm right now uploading more pictures for one or two more updates and then considering beginning to watch Weeds, heard it's pretty good and since I finished GG Season 4 yesterday (aaahhhh can't wait til January!!), I need to find another epic TV Show to watch during lazy holiday-days. Any suggestions on good ones? Drop a comment below or here, lovelies!

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