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Monday, 27 December 2010

wearing: random tights and skirt, my brother's pullover, H&M scarf and Missguided wedges.

We're (mum, my brother and me) planning to go to Auchan this afternoon, but not sure about whether we should or not, since the roads are still a little icy.. I hope we're going, I'm so bored of sitting at home the whole day and, if we go somewhere, being in Echternach all the time, bleh. I promised my brother that he could choose a small present for himself, since I didn't find anything for him for Christmas. I'm also in the need of a new iPhonecover, I don't even use mine anymore because it's that broken. What else to say? Hmm don't know, haha, see you xx

E: changed my plans about the shoes. we're taking the bus and I don't feel like slipping in the middle of the street, ice's annoying.

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