Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Okay, I'm sorry for the huge spam, but I'm bored and I love such stuff, hehehe. Well however, you'd get to know me a little better, right? Found it here.


1. Are you single - yes.
2. Are you happy - I honestly don't know right now.
3. Are you bored - Hmm right now it's okay, but during the holidays? Yes, mostly!
4. Are you naked - Underneath these clothes? Yes.
5. Are you a blonde - Blonde outside: not really.. or really dark blonde, actually. Blonde inside: you tell me, I guess?
6. Are you moody - Sometimes. I'm normally always in a good mood. There are exceptions, ofc.
7. Are you a lover/hater - I'm definitely more of a lover than a hater. Why hate someone if they're not worth it anyways?
8. Are you hot/cold - I'd like to say that I'm hot (sounds so much cooler, ha), but I'm cold. My hands are always cold, even if I'm inside and absolutely not feeling cold.
9. Are you Irish - no?
10. Are you Asian - noo.


1. Name - Nora Amélie Lauff
2. Nicknames - Bee - by mum. Norchen - by grandma and dad. Norapora, Nori by some friends and LAUFF by a few guys, haaa.
3. Any birth marks - Mh no?
4. Hair color – dark blonde.. light brown.. with a liiittle of a ginger
5. Natural hair color - See above.
6. Eye color - bluegrey-ish.
7. Height - 1,64cm
8. Mood - confused, a little bored, maybe slightly tired.
9. Favorite colour – Clothes: Black, grey, white, beige/nude. Accessoires: gold. To look at: Pink, beige, white.
10. One Place You Want to Visit - London, China, Sydney, America and Paris (again and again)


1. Do you believe in love at first sight - yes.
2. Do you believe in soul mates - yes.
4. Have you ever been hurt emotionally - I don't think so..
5. Have you ever broke someone’s heart? - Yes..
6. Ever had your heart broken? - no, actually.
7. Have you ever liked someone but never told them? - of course.
8. Are you afraid of commitment? - no?
9. Who was the last person you hugged? - Laura.
10. Who was the last person you said I love you to? - No one, I don't say that just like that, randomly..


1. Love or lust - both?
3. Cats or dogs – cats.
4. A few best friends or many regular friends - both.
5. Television or internet - internet ftw !
6. Chinese Or Indian - Food? Both.. maybe Indian a liiittle more.
7. Wild night out or romantic night in – Right now: Wild nights out.
8. Money or Happiness - happiness.
9. Night or day - depends.
10. Msn or phone - Phone.


1. Been caught sneaking out - Don't know, haha.
2. Been skinny dipping - when I was small, yes, I guess?
3. Bungee jumped – uuuh no!
4. Finished an entire jaw breaker – haha I think so.
5. Lied to someone you liked - Yes.
6. Wanted an ex bf/gf back – Never had one.
8. Cried yourself to sleep? - yes.
9. Cried because you lost a pet - Oh yes.
10. Wanted to disappear – Ofc.


1. Smile or eyes - both!
2. Light or dark hair - dark, or if light, then normally very light.
3. Hugs or kisses - both.
4. Shorter or taller - a liittle taller, or same.
5. Intelligence or attraction – definitely both!
6. Romantic or spontaneous - spontaneous.. and romantic.
7. Funny or serious - both.
8. Older or Younger - not younger than a few months..
9. Outgoing or quiet - both.
10. Sweet or Bad Ass – a bit of both!


1. Ever performed in front of a large crowd - yeah.
2. Ever done drugs – nope.
3. Ever consumed alcohol? - yes, obviously.
5. Ever been on a cheerleading team - no, but I'd love to!
6. Ever Been on a dance team - yes, for about four years.
7. Ever been on a sports team - Erm no.
8. Ever been in a drama play/production - sadly not.
9. Ever owned a BMW, Mercedes Benz, Escalade, Hummer or Bentley? - noo.
10. Ever been in a rap video? - no, haha.


1. Last phone call you made - dad.
2. Last person you hung out with - my friends.
4. Last time you worked - well I never.. really worked?
5. Last person you tackled - wtf?
6. Last person you IM’d - what's that?
8. Last person(s) you went to the movies with - Laura, Lena, Kate and Anna.
9. Last thing you missed - My friends?
10. Last thing you ate - Marrons glacés!


1. Sleep beside you? - /
2. See you cry? - Kathlyn and Victoria.
3. You went out to dinner with? - Real dinner? My family.
4. You talked on the phone to? - dad.
5. Made you laugh? - Lena?


1. Pierce your nose or tongue? - tongue.
2. Be serious or be funny? - funny.
3. Drink whole or skim milk? - eh, what?
4. Spend time with your parents or enemies? - parents?


1. Simple or complicated? - complicated.. and simple at the same time? Ask my friends.
2. Retarded? - yeeeeeeees.


1. Flowers or candy? - Guees ;) (yes, Candy)
2. Gray or black? - grey.
3. Colour or Black and white photos? - depends on the photo!
4. Sunrise or sunset? - sunrise.
5. Staying up late or waking up early? - latee!


1. Do you like anyone? - I really don't know.
2. Do they know it? - How can someone know it if I don't even know it myself?


1. Sun or moon? - Sun.
2. Winter or Summer? - Summer!
3. Left or right? - right?
4. 10 acquaintances or having two best friends? - two best friends.
5. Sun or rain? - Sun!
6. Vanilla or chocolate ice cream? - ice cream? hum vanilla.
7. Vodka or Jack Daniels? - Never tried Jack Daniels, so Vodka.


1. Nervous Habits? - I can't stand still and I think I talk too much.
2. Are you double jointed? - eh?
3. Can you twist your tongue around and roll it? - yes, duh!
4. Can you raise one eyebrow? - I always do it, it's kind of a habit, haha.
5. Can you cross your eyes? - yes.
6. Do you make your bed daily? - Mh not reeeally.


1. Which shoe goes on first? - the right one, I think.
2. Ever thrown something at someone? - hahah YES.
3. On average, how much money do you carry with you? - during schoolweeks.. 20€?
4. What jewellery do you wear? - whatever I find, mostly rings.
5. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it? - twirl!
6. Have you ever eaten Spam? - What's that?
7. Favorite ice cream? - After eight, Caramel sucré-salé, Coconut.
8. How many kinds of cereal are in your cabinet? - 3?
9. What’s your favorite beverage? - Dr Pepper, Coffee, Tea and Coke.
10. Do you cook? - not really, heh.


1. Had a relationship? - no.
2. Bought something? - yesh.
3. Sang? - haha yes.
4. Been hugged? - yes :)
5. Felt stupid? - ofc.
6. Missed someone: - Yes.


1. Last Alcoholic Drink: - Champagne.
2. Last Car ride: - home?
3. Last Movie Seen: - Burlesque!
4. Last Song Played: The Dog Days Are Over - Florence and the Machine.


  1. Never really liked the idea of these quizzes because it seems like a lazy way for someone to find out about you. where's the fun in getting to know someone if it's all down on the screen? BUT it is fun to read some people's answers and sometimes there are questions which i would probably never get asked :b

  2. I really like this quiz ! It was nice to read and you won´t believe me , I read it all ! The last song is the same with me :) hope you will follow me :)


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