adios, 2010 !

Friday, 31 December 2010

Got these things today: a small commode where I'll keep make-up and jewellery, a book about a girl who became anorexic - a real story with pictures! (don't ask me why, but I somehow love to read about girls being anorexic and so on..) And finally a small notebook and two, really soft pencils. I went to the seamstress today with my mum, because I need a long dress for our 'prom' in february, we have because of the dance courses and I found a reeeally beautiful tissue and showed and explained her my drawings of the dress and how I want it to be, excited to see the result in a month!

Right now I'm re-freshing my make-up and trying (notice the word trying) to get my hair at least a bit wavy and I'll then spend the rest of 2010 with my family.

So to all my lovely followers:
Thank you so much for your support, the follows and the comments, I wish you all the bes for 2011 and see you again next year! XOXO


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