6th december

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

1: DIY Belt. Don't have any better pics of my yesterday's outfit.
2-4: Some random picture I took from the UK Cosmopolitan (yeh, the quality isn't good), feels good finally having bought the english one again! I'm always getting so tired of german or french magazines.
5: Yesterday during lunch, with Z.
6: Cute randomness.

Why am I posting at this time? Well I'm ill so I'm staying home today! That means that I'll blog, watch TV, read blogs and sleep the whole morning and around half past 12 I'll drive to school with my mum to pick up my brother and some school books. You can imagine what I'll be doing in the afternoon: Gonna start making a phyics summary and maybe one for maths as well. Oh and I have one more paragraph of english homework to do, boo.

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