Saturday, 25 December 2010

 Yeah, he looves it when I'm taking pictures of him, hahah
My dad opened the bottle a bit but then had to do something else, so I had to hold the cork in case it would open itself
My present was the coolest - it's a salt shaker which you can charge and it then rolls over the table, cooolio, huh?
I finally got a clock radio I wanted for a while now. + I can connect my phone and iPod to it!
A bracelet and earrings, made with real soft water pearls.

I also got a big mirror, which I'll take pictures of as soon as we hung it up. I'm getting presents from my grandmas, etc as well, the next time we see them, I guess. Aaand another part of my presents is ofc a little shopping in Brussels;)

What did you get? xx

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  1. that red velvet couch is so beautiful!


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