Who said Summer's already over?

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

After (again) having no idea what to wear, I decided to take a look at Lookbook. I haven't been there for a while now and discovered how cool it is to see so many, fantastic dressed people! I found this outfit and got really inspired of it. Denim shorts + Red + Lace-up Boots = Perfect for autumn!

So here's my version:
But now I really gotta hurry to get my bus! Plans for today: Lunch + Cinema. See ya! xx


  1. Cute! Love the leaf picture :)

  2. Great blog, I like it so much, and this look has a great style!If you Are obsessed with glamour we could be followers each other, what do you think? tell me something!

  3. love the red t-shirt look nice with dark colours


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