Who am I living for?

Sunday, 28 November 2010

yess, finally some pictures taken outside, with daylight!
The reason I haven't posted earlier today is that I spent my whole morning at V's place, watching Disney Movies, it's DISNEYDAY on Pro7!!:D
We watched the end of Camp Rock 2, a movie called "Prinzessinenschutzprogramm", which is about.. princesses and stuff (really, no idea what it's called in english) and started another, random movie. I looove Disney, btw.
I'm now off to her place again, for some more TV, ha! I decided that I can't be bothered to open my spanish books and that I'm gonna study during the week, hehe.

Oh, and really good news: Tomorrow after school I'm meeting up with the best daddy of the world and we'll go look for a camera I'll get for Christmas, excited!!
More tonight, maybe xx 


  1. The scarf looks gret on you, very cosy.

  2. i love that scarf.


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