Wednesday, 3 November 2010

In my opinion, Tattoos can be so inspiring and fresh, so different and cool! Sometimes I'm thinking about how I'd like to get tattoos all over my body as soon as I'm 18, but at the same time, I know exactly that it's so not my style. Tattoos isn't just about buying something, wearing it and throwing it away. Tattoos nearly always have a meaning and I find the simple thought of what the people must have thought before getting their tattoos so cool! My favourite motives at the moment are swallows, feathers and cute, small sentences.
These are only pictures I liked from the first three pages of weheartit, there for sure a way more!

What do you think about such inspiration-posts?


  1. I love this post :) I just posted a picture today of a "float" tattoo that I love. These are just so cute :)

  2. i love subtle tatoos they are better than large ones i think :)

  3. love sentences as well :) good post! dein neffe hans (anna) <3


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